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Quick Quote

The Quick Quote tool analyzes the complexity of 3D printing or laser cutting files and allows you to easily set the right price for your customer's projects.

  • Offers faster quotations to your customers.
  • Prevents common mistakes.
  • Accept online payments.

Quick Quote Direct

The Quick Quote Direct tool allows your customers to directly upload and configure their DXF, SVG or STL files. You will be able to see their configuration of the project and send them quotation.

  • Saves time to your organization.
  • Improve the experience of your customers.
  • Prevents from common configuration mistakes.
  • Accept online payments.


The Self-Checkout service allows your customers to automatically get a quotation and make the payment in a single step without your intervention.

  • Offer a self-service experience to your customers.
  • Focus on producing high quality pieces and let us do the rest!

WordPress Integration

Our tool seamlessly integrates with WordPress through a dedicated plugin. This plugin allows you to embed Boostfab directly into your webpages, enabling your customers to request quotations without leaving your website.


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